Multicrop Thresher - Standard Model

Our vast array of multicrop thresher tractor model is manufactured from premium quality raw material and is largely demanded in agricultural industry. Our range is suitable for threshing of Corn(மக்காசோளம்), Pearl Millet (கம்பு), White Corn(வெள்ளை சோளம்), Red Corn(சிவப்பு சோளம்), Urad bean(உளுந்து), Green gram dal(பாசிபயறு), Finger Millet(கேப்பை( ராகி)), Barnyard Millet(குதிரைவாலி), Sunflower(சூரியகாந்தி), Black Cod(சுண்டல்), Paddy(நெல் ), Groundnut(நிலக்கடலை), Coriander(மல்லி). Range of Threshers which can be run with tractors of range 35 HP and above Output 1,000 to 1,500 kgs of grain per hour (capacity varies for different crops) Provided with Feeding Platform Working The harvested crop is fed in to the thresher which turns in to straw & grains. The blower sucks the straw & throws it away while clean grains come out.